05 Jun, 2024
I'm happy to share that I've scored 100/100 in the board exam due to Sarika maam's guidance. I've been studying from her since 5 years. She teaches in a way that's easy to understand and makes learning French enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this institution to anyone who wants to learn french.


30 May, 2024
Attending French classes with Sarika ma'am at Learn FLE was an enriching experience for me.Her exceptional teaching skills not only made the learning process enjoyable but also incredibly effective. Thanks to her comprehensive approach, I was able to crack my verbal exam @ESCP PARIS with confidence in a short period of time. I highly recommend her classes to anyone looking to learn French.


25 May, 2024
I have been here since 2 years, and I've had a wonderful experience since then. There was a drastic improvement in my academic performance after joining Learn FLE, from Class 9th to Class 10th Board Exams. I scored 97/100 in my French board exam and this wouldn't have been possible without the valuable guidance provided my Sarika Mam.


20 May, 2024
The French Language Institute is a fantastic place for school students to learn French. Sarika ma'am's friendly and engaging teaching style makes the classes fun and interactive. She focuses on building a strong foundation in grammar and vocabulary, leading to my remarkable achievement of 95 marks in French.


15 Feb, 2024
Learn FLE is exceptional for mastering French. Sarika Maam's personalized approach ensures rapid and effective learning. Tailoring lessons to individual needs, she creates an engaging and efficient environment. The well-structured curriculum for and interactive methods enhance the overall experience. Highly recommended for anyone aiming to learn French swiftly and effectively. I completed my niveau B1 and am well satisfied with the study methodology


10 Jan, 2024
Learn FLE is an accommodating institution for beginners to learn and understand the French language. It provides a very hands-on experience in the classroom, and clarity in the grammatical concepts and train in listening, speaking, writing and reading the language. I would personally like to thank my teacher, Mrs. Sarika Alhuwalia, for paving my way through to understand the language and helping me out wherever I had a difficulty. I would surely recommend this institution if in need to learn the language.


07 Jun, 2023
I am grateful for learning French in this institution. My teacher Sarika ma'am is very passionate about the Language. Her teaching skills are mesmerising. Her classes are structured in a way that we never get bored. The balance of studies and interaction are balanced. I got 95% in my French exam. I recommend this institution for everyone who wants to learn French.

Student . Ambience Public School, New Delhi.

06 Jun, 2023
I am a newbie in this institute,I joined in the starting of this semester ( 2023 - 24 ) I used to hate French but as I have started going here , I have awakened a new intrest for it . In this institute the teacher is very kind and does everything to get my concepts clear . Overall it's a great place to learn French, and it has been a great journey for me so far.

student, Springdales School , Dhaula Kuan, New Delhi.

Both my kids have attended her class and I see a remarkable change in their performance year on year. They have progressed from 60 percentile to 92 percentile. The way she gives her own prepared sheet and assignments even the kid who are not performing get utmost ready for a better and good result . I00 percent recommend her as she is highly professional completed update about each kid performance she always kept me updated if the kid has not completed her assignment or taken Google help to solve . U can leave your child performance blindly on her.

Student – Amity international School, Noida

No French institute in the world can match LearnFLE. It is excellent in every possible way. LearnFLE, with the director as Sarika ma'am, teaches both French and English. LearnFLE, dominantly known for French, has a very high success rate and is highly recommended by me. Come here if you want to master French.

Student of DPS Vasant Kunj, New Delhi