Why us

"LearnFLE is a flambeau that leads to learning treasure."

LearnFLE has been working towards promoting French as a foreign language since a decade now and provide high quality of training programs and with the best outcomes for the students.We have had 100% success rate of the students passing from the institute which gives us privilege of 5 star rating on various websites and job portals.

LearnFLE provide the students to up skill their professional knowledge and continue their professional learning in an environment to assist them meet their schedules and qualify for the various registrations and certifications. LearnFLE offers a wide variety of online and face to face courses that help upgrade the quality of professional practice.

LearnFLE FLEĀ institute New Delhi is one of the best-known centre for French teaching for internationally recognised examinations and providing IELTS coaching. Its mission is to promote French language learning as well as fostering knowledge of the French culture throughout the world. In addition to general language courses, covering all levels for working professional and students, our institute offers a wide range of special courses.

Methodology.of Teaching

External :- Online classes

The institute offers online classes, especially for all who are working and thus unable to attend regular classes during weekend From 2013 to 2024, LearnFLE has prepared nearly thousand students and helped them achieve the desired and expected levels indispensable for their academic and career requirements both school curriculum and professionally. LearnFLE institute provides a platform for all ambitious candidates looking forward for going abroad for higher studies and career perspective.

The faculty at the LearnFLE institute facilitates and help in acquiring the proficiency of French as a foreign language, while sharing their inspiring journeys through their innovation and creativity.

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