Boosting Your French Language Knowledge

25 Jul 2019

Learning a foreign language has numerous rewards – it is interesting, exciting as well as beneficial for the learners who want to learn the new language. Ever wanted to be like those people who know more than one language? Well, join LearnFLE and learn the French language with the help of highly experienced trainers who have the extensive hold on the French language.

French is widely spoken in 29 countries including Belgium, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, and many more. Moreover, after learning the French language you open up variouscarrier opportunities such as you can be a teacher, interpreter, tourist guide, you can also get the exposure to go out and work for your company and much more. The French language is called the language of love. It is one of the simplest languages, which can be learned easily and quickly.

Learning the new language like French can be very difficult for the keen learners by themselves, but if they approach it in the right way it can be made easier. If you are one of those who want to learn the French language then enrol yourselfwith LearnFLEto get appropriate knowledge with the help of teachers who have several years of teaching experience in the French lingo. All the classes offered by the training institute of the French generally held in a suitable environment where students get a chance to learn this language.

Furthermore, beginners might face some difficulties in pronouncing French words during their initial stage but with regular practice, they will become an expert. they have heard somewhere.In this era of globalization, demands for those people are growing who are proficient in the French language. Being fluent in the French language opens up the door to a variety of jobs and career options in abroad. Today’s lots of jobs and career options available after learning French for the new learners of the lingo.

If you desire to speak French effortlessly then register your name today and attend the regular class to become a professional French speaker within a short span of time. Even students learn the language thoroughly with their graduation to tackle the future problems related to selecting carrier choices.

Tips for Undergrads to Learn the French Language

15 Jun 2019

Do you wish to speak French fluently but the uncertainty you can’t speak it fluently? Well don’t fret! Undergrads learn the French language for some reason such as travel, work, family, carrier, and so on. As an adult learner, you definitely wish to learn the language efficiently under the guidance of experts who have varied years of experience in the French language then enrol your name in the best French language institute in Delhi and that is LearnFLE.

In the class’s environment, learners have to focus on vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, etc. If you learn any foreign language through classes you can achieve four key skills such as Listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Follow some useful strategies that can help you to learn French:

1. Set your goal what you actually want to know

As a learner, you need to set a target for yourselves and focused on your target and always try to achieve it with your dedication and hard works towards it.

2. Discover the technique to learn

As a learner, if you find that learning grammar is useful, learn that way. If you are unable to do it, try a different approach to learn the language.

3. Repetition is the best key

You need to learn and practice everything’s many times before you know them.

4. Learn together

Most of the people find that learning with others helps keep them on track. If you are one of them who also learn the language with the help of your friends or others who know the language.

5. Every day learning

Spend at least 15-30 minutes a day learning and practicing the French language.

6. Listen passively

You can get extra practice by listening to French during your regular activity walking, jogging, biking, cooking, and cleaning.

Try these useful tips to learn the French language without any difficulty you can indulge yourselves into the learning process of the French language.

If you desire to become French language interpreter in Delhi, then learning French lingo through LearnFLE is the best option for you and that too with the help of highly qualified trainers.

Learn Canadian French: Speak French Like a Québécois

10 May 2019

Advantages of learning French is that you're learning not only the language of France, but of many countries and territories around the world.

No doubt French is spoken in Canada along with English. But have you ever wondered why?French is spoken in parts of Canada for quite logical reasons. The French were the first to establish significant settlements in what is now Canada.Back then, it was known as New France. However, after a war with the British, France was forced to cedeits North American territories. Rather than forcing the colonists to change their language and their religion, the British allowed them to continue speaking French and practising Catholicism.

From that day, the French spoken in Canada has followed a different path to the language of France.

Now the question arises where is French spoken in Canada?

As we know, the French-speaking population of Canada is concentrated in the province of Quebec. About 22% of Canadians speak French as their first language, and of those, around 85-95% are Quebecois.Moreover, most of the other French speakers live in the areas surrounding Quebec itself, mainly Ontario, New Brunswick, Manitoba and Alberta.

Difference between French in Canada and France?

If you have learned French in France or Belgium and you think your knowledge of the language will prepare you for a trip to Quebec, you might be in for a surprise.Even native French-speakers from France can find Canadian French quite a challenge at first. Canadian French speakers can easily understand the French spoken in France (also known as metropolitan French) since formal Canadian French is quite similar.

Furthermore, there are grammatical features that exist in spoken Québec French that make it distinct from metropolitan French. For example, the syntax of informally spoken Québec French makes much lesser use of specifiers such as relative clauses wherein “que” is used as a relative pronoun in many cases.

Some of The Best Ways to Learn French Pronunciation

25 Apr 2019

There is no magic formula for speaking French or any other languages fluently. As a keen learner of the French language you have an opportunity to be an interpreter, translator, language teacher, tour guide, travel Scott and much more. So, if you join ourFrench language institute in Delhi for learning the French lingo with the help of experienced teachers it’s the best decision because it helps in correcting your mistake as well as guiding you how to speak French correctly.

However, there are some steps that are very useful for those people who desire to speak French quickly and easily:

1. French Sounds

As a learner always remember you need to correct your pronunciation of the French language. Try to watch French videos and mainly focus on the sounds what the character is pronounced in the videos.

2. Get a Dictionary

French language dictionary is very helpful when speaking French with your classmate and colleaguewho accurately understand the French language as well as help you to speak French correctly.

3. Learning Process and Practice

If you wish to speak French perfectly it depends on your hard work as well as on your interest too. Learning process of French language and practicing every day you definitely learn the language even speak correctly without doing any mistakes.

4. Listen and Repeat

Imitating words or phrases over and over is an excellent way to develop your pronunciation skills.

5. Listen to yourself

Record yourself speaking French and then listen carefully to the recording you might discover your mistake. So you can correct your mistakes by yourselves.

6. Reading Out Loud

If you’re still facing problem in pronunciation over words you definitely need more practice. Try reading the paragraphs of the book loudly to get used all of those new sounds.

7. Speak Like the Natives

Listen to French songs, watch movies, and so on. Try to speak to them and speak like the natives as well, but you should be aware of the language then copy their style.

To conclude, we can say that focus on the learning process of the French language, to get the stronghold of the language.

Learn French Language for an Official Trip

12 Mar 2019

When traveling to a different country and having ability to speak the French language you easily explore the region as well as talk to the people who know the language without any hesitation.

Today most of the keen learners learn the French language before getting the job in the company. Having skills of the French language is the plus point for them to get the best job in the most reputed companies. Lots of companies do their business with the foreign companies and send their employees to the meeting in other countries so that most of the companies probably hire those candidates who have an extensive hold on the foreign languages.

Nowadays, most of the resources available in the market that you can easily update yourselves with the French language. Most of the people learn the French language to join the French institution and learn French effectively and efficiently by the experienced teachers. You just need to indulge yourself in the learning process of the French language.

You can also use interactive methods to learn the French language quickly. With the help of games that focus on grammar, verbs, nouns, and vocabulary you get a French course that is full of information. If you are a movie lover, then the best thing to learn the language to watch the French movie and listen and speak the words what the characters in the movie are performing.

Additionally, if you have knowledge of the French language any company hires you and pays the best remuneration to you. Learning the foreign language like French you can be an interpreter, translator, travel Scott, tour guide, teacher of the school and college, and so on. Even you have an opportunity to work with foreign companies.

If you are one of them who wants to learn the lingo with the help of experienced trainers, then choose LearnFLE, Delhi. This institute categorizes your courses in three levels so that you can easily learn the French language such as beginner level, intermediate level, and advanced level.

FLE – The Immaculate Flambeau of Learning & Knowledge

15 Feb 2019

Why French is an amazing language to learn?

Learning a new language can be an interesting experience in itself. We bet many of you would agree to this.

However, many of you may also find it to be a bundle of mixed emotions such as fun, scary or even a challenging experience altogether. But the ultimate point is that it is indeed an unforgettable experience to learn a new language. Isn’t it so? And can help you in discovering various new aspects of yourself not just as a person but as someone who is susceptible to thriving opportunities

And when it comes to career and money making then, as well, French is altogether a great option for opening doors to new possibilities for you. And to help you achieve this dream one of the best institutes in Delhi is FLE – Franҫais Langue Étrangѐre.

It is known for offering the most reliable and student-friendly teaching solutions in the French language. FLE was established in the education industry aiming to work for promoting French as a foreign language in our country.

And owing to its amazing and competent services this institute has proven to be an in-demand school for professionals and students alike.

It’s been half a decade now that FLE has proven its virtue in the education field by providing interactive training programs and French language courses improving the overall learning outcome for the students.

What Is The USP of Learning French At FLE?

At FLE the basic idea and the goal is to help the students upskill their professional knowledge helping them in continuing learning and assisting them by meeting their schedules and qualify for various registrations and other important certifications as well.

The rate of success at FLE can be determined by the fact that recently FLE saw a 100% success rate with its students namely Avinash, Shivani, Kusha, and Avleen from FLE who cleared the prestigious DELF examination with a brilliant score.

With this, we can say that if you are seeking an opportunity to learn and pursue French as a language then FLE is one such institute which you simply can’t neglect.

Top 10 Reasons to Learn French as A Foreign Language

20 Jan 2019

Want to learn a foreign language?

Why not consider French? Now, you would ask why? Isn’t it so?

Didn’t the question pop up in your head?

Well, to be precise there are tons of reasons to learn French! It is considered to be one of the major languages when it comes to international communication.

It is the second most learned language in the world after English and also the second most taught one.

Still confused?

No to worry as in this blog we will discuss that why you should consider learning French as a foreign language?

1. French Is a World Language

Do you know that around 220 million people speak French across the 5 continents? And it is also the second most widely learned language as said earlier and holds the sixth position when it comes to speaking.

And not just that, you would be perhaps surprised to know that French is one of those languages which is taught in every country in the world. And with this, it won’t be wrong to say that it is indeed a world language.

2. Perfect for Career Opportunities

When you have good command over two languages then your value in the job market tends to rise. And with the combination of French and English that can happen to be your opportunity to fly high on the corporate ladder.

It is interesting to know that being the fifth biggest economy and a major hub for foreign investment, France plays a key role when it comes to the world economy and you can use it to your advantage by learning French.

3. French is a Cultural Language

When it comes to things like food, fashion, arts, media and entertainment then French people are one of the most versatile groups of society

Isn’t it so?

To provide a more concrete overview we can say that it is the language of literature, cinema. Some of the most famous cultural personalities have been French like Victor Hugo, Molière, Léopold Sendar Senghor, Edith Piaf, Jean-Paul Sartre

4. Love Traveling? Learn French

There is no denying the fact that France is one of the major spots for travel and tourism. You would be surprised to know that every year about 79 million people visit this country.

And in all this when you know French, your experience of travelling to France becomes altogether a distinctive one. Just to give you an overview of some popular French tourist destinations here are some examples – Cote d’Azur, Eiffel Tower, Nice, French Riviera etc.

5. Great Language to Pursue Higher Education

When you learn French you also open up a plethora of possibilities in terms of higher education for yourself.

Students, in general, are eligible for French government grants and scholarship programs – thus increasing their chances of getting a higher rate of success in life than other students.

6. It is A Language of International Relations

There is no denying the fact that French is the language of international relations. It is the official language of United Nations, the European Union, UNESCO, NATO, the International Olympic committee.

7. It is The Language of New Possibilities

If you have the ability to understand French then your perspective regarding the whould changes to a whole new level.

Why so?

Because French holds the third position when it comes to internet usage – and we don’t need to tell you that internet in itself is a worldwide phenomenon. And the ability to understand it better opens up a wide spectrum of new possibilities for you.

8. French Is Fun to Learn

Learning French can prove to be quite a fun and enjoyable experience. There are many ways and methods to do it and indulge your thought process in learning it.

9. It is A Base for Learning Other Languages

It proves to be quite a good base to learn other languages. When you learn French then you know and find many other similarities with other languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian.

10. It is A Language of Love and Reason

Learning French is quite a great way of learning new things and imbibe knowledge. Above all, it is quite a beautiful and enriching language.

So, why not give it a try?

How the French Language Is Different Than Other Languages?

10 Jan 2019

Want to grow as a human being in just about any number of aspects? We bet you would but the question is how?

Well, according to popular beliefs of many people a way for doing that would be to follow what you like and what you believe in isn’t it so?

Yes, it is definitely the best way and amid all this, if you have a love for languages then you ought to explore the French language.

But why only French when you have a plethora of other beautiful languages as well to learn and not just explore but also make money from – there are many like Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and the list goes on.

Well, what French gives you others simply can’t which is the clarity of thought and emotion. It is not that other languages fail to provide us with these emotions but French is one such language the hold of which on such things like emotions, thoughts is way better as compared to other languages.

Why So Much Emphasis on Learning French?

The French language has been, time and again, regarded as the world’s most beautiful language and it is owing to its soft nature and flawless vocabulary that it is spoken by millions of people all over the world.

So, if you are thinking about learning French then you will be among the 220 million French speakers all over the globe.

You would be able to speak and talk to people in 29 countries if you have the knowledge of French language other than English.

Won’t that be amazing?

Learning French is Easy

Not just French is quite popular but is also an easy language to learn. And if you already know English then it won’t be much difficult to learn French in the first place as many of the words are borrowed by the English language. French language also uses a similar kind of alphabet along with familiar grammar rules as compared to the English language.

And according to an average time, it would be taking you around 575-600 hours of study time to learn French in terms of speaking and writing. Now this is an amazing fact to learn!

A Growing Language

French is one such language which has been growing and “is” growing at a phenomenal rate throughout the world

And that has been owing to its history because of which at the present times French is nearly spoken on all the five continents according to the French government and by 2050 this number will be increasing to 750 million people altogether. Just imagine the scope of learning French with this.

How It Can Help You In Growing Your Career?

We should know that French language, owing to its popularity is used in many fields with which you can grow your career. And it is also used in many prestigious platforms throughout the world like United Nations, European Union, NATO, UNESCO, the International Olympic Committee and a number of other international courts as well which makes it be a terrific scope and opportunity in itself to learn

And not just that, being able to speak French also opens up a variety of educational options all across the world for the learner which would otherwise be kind of “off limits” for any general guy.

Hope it would have helped you.

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